What Does State Supreme Court Ruling Mean for Sedona?

Published on September 4, 2012 by

Court refuses to hear case

If you lived in a beautiful place like Sedona AZ, would you be interested in renting out your house or a room for a weekend? There are people who certainly would.

In 1995 the Sedona City Council passed an ordinance forbidding rentals for less than 30 days. This prevents people from renting out rooms or their home to travelers wanting to experience the beauty of Sedona but not stay in a hotel or resort.

The law suite itself wasn't directly about the right to rent out rooms. It was about the city of Sedona exempting itself from a state proposition allow for payment of loss of income if the owner was forbidden to subdivide their property for profit.

Sedona claimed an exemption based upon the premise of protecting the health and safety of the population. Although upheld by a superior court judge, the State Supreme Court did not uphold the judge's ruling. The issue will not go back to a lower court.

Anyone concerned with their property rights in Arizona is watching this case. It could affect various vacation cities.

For more information read the article in the Red Rock News: http://www.redrocknews.com/News/short-term-rental-case-against-sedona-on-appeal.html