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  • Why I Bought Timeshare Points after a Horrible Experience

    If you search for information on timeshares, you will find a great deal of negative comments. Some people talk about how they never use their timeshares and can’t sell it for anywhere near what they paid for it. Others tell you they can never get the vacation location they want. Still others tell you about…

  • My First Timeshare Purchase

    As you may gather from the title of this article, I have made more than one timeshare purchase. In fact, I just made my fourth one. I want to tell you about my first purchase and why I made it. If you’re thinking about purchasing a timeshare my experience may give you information to make…

  • The Story of My First Time Share Presentation

    I was interested in finding out about time shares and went to a presentation advertised on a post card. The experience was definitely educational sales technique.