Sinagua Indian Ruins Near Sedona

Published on August 22, 2012 by

The lesson known ruins of Arizona.

One of my interests around the area of Sedona are the ancient ruins. I wonder what the people there thought and felt. What was their daily life like? Sure, there are archeologists who make educated guesses about what life then was like. The can't, however, get into the mind and hearts of the people. They can only tell us about actions.

If you're interested in the ruins, and even if you aren't, I think you'll find this site fascinating.

Ancient Ruins of Sedona

"Many of the most spectacular Native American ruins in the state are operated as tourist attractions, with parking lots, sidewalks, guardrails, descriptive signs, and tour guides or Park Rangers keeping an eye on things. Although some of these are included here, the primary emphasis is on unknown or unpublicized sites located in National Forests, State Trust land, and other remote places."

Wherever you go in Sedona and the surrounding reason, please be sure and be respectful. The land is precious and what we don't know what we can learn from the ancient ruins. We may be able to learn more as long as the land stays in tact.