The Magical Southwest

Modern life, ancient ruins coexist in Southwest

This article gives an overview of some of the beautiful ruins of the Southwest. There are also some wonderful photographs here which will give you an excellent taste of what it’s like to visit these places where the ancients once live.

Modern life, ancient ruins coexist in Southwest

Ventura County Star

“Canyon de Chelly National Monument in Arizona is managed jointly by the Park Service and the Navajo Nation. Visitors can take the White House Ruins Trail to the canyon floor, a 2.5-mile hike that the senior members of our party judged too steep to try, …”


A friend of mine wanted me to go with her to Canyon de Chelly. I had never heard of it. Although we didn’t take one of the tours we still had a wonderful visit. While there I wanted to be sure to eat some Navajo food. The fry bread was too greasy for me, but I’m told to try it again as people fix it differently.




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