Kens CreekSide for Views and Food in Sedona

Published on April 14, 2013 by Dr Cathy

We, my pups Frick and Frack and myself, have been driving from Houston to Sedona, AZ. We were all tired of being in the car and I was hungry. There are few healthy places to eat along the way and I was looking for some good food.

Since I've been to Sedona many times, with the full intention of living here sometime this year, I knew where to go... Kens Creekside.

I knew three things about them:

  • the food was excellent last time I was there
  • they have a porch I can take the dogs
  • I love the view (the photo is the view from the porch)

Sedona ArizonaSince the last time I was there they added a K-9 menu. My guys are little and they could split the "steak tartar" which was ground meat with an egg on top. They didn't have any complaints so I'm assuming the food is good.

I had the tuna burger which was delicious. The tuna was lightly seared and mixed in chunks with onions and such. I asked if they had a gluten free bun and they did. I could have gotten fries with it but choose the house salad. The salad was wonderful greens sprinkled with a few pomegranate seeds. The dressing was a very tasty vinaigrette.

As you can see from the photo the day was beautiful. We went down to walk a bit in the parking lot below. There weren't any cars there as of yet since it was early for dinner.

The staff is friendly at Kens. When the owner learned I was from Houston he talked about his experiences there working at the Omni. The guy who brought Frick and Frack's food out came later to share pictures of his new Shih Tzu-Bichon Friese puppy.

In in all a delightful experience. Give Ken's Creekside a try.