Glorious Food

Food! Glorious Food! Even if I could sing the words I doubt if you'd like to listen to me. Remember the song, "What would you do if I sang out of tune…?" Well, people did get up and walk out on me!

I love the amazing flavors of food. I'm going to enjoy being a food critic letting you know what I like and don't like. I'll tune into the ambiance of the place be it a fancy restaurant or your local Denny's. (I have to throw in the Denny's since my frequent travel companion will have nothing to do with them after one rather unfortunate experience.)

I don't frequent fast food places. If you find me at a Micky D's or one of Jack's places, it's only because my blood sugar is low and there isn't anything else around. I've begun to carry with me nutritious food

bars (and, no, the ones you get at stores are not nutritious—read the labels and weep) and almonds, seeds or other nuts.

Moving around by car with a cooler in the back allows me to carry cheeses, egg salad and other such things. I might throw in some water. I'm not a soda person and usually stay away from artificial sweeteners. That pretty much leaves water and tea… no, I'm not a coffee person.

As I travel about the Southwest, I'll relate to you my gourmand experiences. My pallet isn't very discerning, but I do enjoy my food.

And I get my food bars from Dr. Richard Schulze at and no, I don't make anything by sending you to him.