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Dam Bar and Grill at Lake Powell Arizona

[one_half]Here I was in Page, Arizona to travel to Antelope Canyon. Page is a rather new town developed a little more than 50 years ago to build the dam that formed Lake Powell. Now the little town’s primary industry is tourism and is filled with hotels, entertainment and places to eat. My friend and I arrived to take a tour of Antelope Canyon. After settling into the Holiday Inn Express we asked where would be a good place to eat.
As you know food and drink is an important part of any vacation. When you go somewhere you’ve never been a recommendation is a good beginning. From four recommendations we chose the Dam Bar and Grill, just a short drive from the hotel.

We browsed the gift shop before we entered the restaurant. The bar itself is in front with at least two television sets going with the college football games. I assume the television sets are always tuned to the sports channel. The sitting area was separated from the bar with a large etched glass representation of the Powell Dam. This gave the illusion of two separate places. All seating in the restaurant part was in booths.
We began with a drink. My friend wanted a dark beer and ordered an Alaskan Amber which they had on tap. It wasn’t one familiar to us Texans. I had a taste and if you like dark beer as I did, it was a good full-bodied beer. A little sweeter than a Shiner’s Bock, my favorite Texas beer. I had a margarita on the rocks. If you are a margarita fan, skip it and have something else. The margarita was the only disappointment of the evening.

I wanted a steak and chose the prime rib, medium rare. It came with the choice of the soup of the[/one_half] [one_half_last] day, which was a beef soup, or the house salad. The salad was what I wanted with a blue cheese dressing. The lettuce was crisp and fresh served with slices of red onion with tiny cherry tomatoes. Then there was the delectable blue cheese dressings made at the restaurant. Chris, our server, told us everything was made there at Dam Bar and Grille except for the Dam Chips, which were bagged, and the French fries.

The 12-once prime rib was wonderfully seasoned and served medium rare just the way I like it. I mixed together their creamy horseradish with straight horseradish to give the sauce more of a bite. I alternated eating the prime rib with the horseradish sauce and the au jus. I also poured some of the au jus over the lightly seasoned and tasty garlic mashed potatoes.

My friend had a Caesar salad and the beef soup… as well as some of my steak and mashed potatoes. Again, the greens in her salad were crisp and fresh and the dressing made there at the Dam Bar and Grill. She said the beef soup was almost as she would have made it when feeding her eight kids (who have now produced 20 something grandchildren and two great-grands.). She would have made a creamier broth, but she proclaimed it delicious as it was.

Pricing was moderate. Except for the steaks ($24+) everything was less than $20. You could get a good-sized salad or sandwich for $10-12. I’d go there again if I didn’t have other restaurants to check out. Take a look at their web site for more information. [/one_half_last]



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