Colorado: New wilderness proposed near Durango

Published on July 23, 2012 by

 Land suggesed for protectionColorado is a beautiful wonderland with all its mountains and pristine lands. The question is how to keep it that way? There is a new proposal to protect acerage north of Durango so that it will remain beautiful.

Colorado: New wilderness proposed near Durango

"This week, Senator Michael Bennet introduced a bill to protect more than 100000 acres of the Hermosa Creek Watershed, an area in the San Juan National Forest north of Durango. The bill would establish a long-term management plan for the land based on ..."


 Of the acerage proposed, about 1/3 of that will be designated as wilderness. The rest of the land can be used for recrational sports, including ATVs and hiking, with some "selected" harvesting of trees. 

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