Choosing Where You Stay

Published on February 23, 2011 by Dr Cathy

Where you stay while on the road is an important consideration when vacationing, both due to the expense and to comfort needs. When you're young or have a family, comfort and privacy often take second place to the financial considerations. When you have more disposable income, you have greater choice as to comfort and location.

Wants and Needs Differ

Those who travel often learn quickly what they want and need to make their experience the most pleasurable. For instance, when sightseeing is my major objective, I'm more likely to stay at a budget motel. All I want is a place to lay my head at night after I'm out and about exploring the area. Yes, I do want to be safe. That is always on my radar. In the comfort area I'm willing to sacrifice some of the amenities for a good deal.

There are two basic problems with budget hotels. One is the small scratchy towels and the other is the chlorine laden sheets. Some people are more sensitive than others to these issues. To make up for these deficiencies, I often bring a towel and some sheets. It depends upon how much room I have. When I'm traveling by automobile, bringing these are no problem. When by plane, I often have to leave these behind. My friend, who is very sensitive to chlorine in the sheets, always tucks a comfortable set in her suitcase. She'll just complain about the towels.

Finding Where to Lay Your Head

Doesn't everyone know to search the internet for hotels?

You can get some good deals on a number of sites devoted to hotels in particular and travel in general. If you're flying and don't already have a place to stay, the travel sites often have a flight plus lodging combination that can be a good deal. It's worth the time and effort to use the general sites to discover what lodging possibilities are available and then go to the specific company site to check out their rates. Don't forget senior citizen, AAA, military and governmental discounts. If you don’t have any of these, just ask for a better rate. Remember, the most they'll say is "No."

Luxury Resorts

When I stay somewhere where for any length of time, I like to stay at a resort. Because travel is a passion I bought a couple of vacation or time-share plans. I use them and enjoy them. The two I have give me the opportunity to stay in one and two bedroom apartments with partial or full kitchen facilities.
Many people will rent their timeshare when they're not using it. When you consider the advantages of having a kitchen so you don't have to eat out all the time, you can often get a good deal. Just put timeshare, rental, and where you want to go in the search engine. I prefer to use the sites where I can look without giving my personal information, but if you are ready to rent, go ahead and have a sales person give you a call.

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