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[one_half]Travel. I love it. I love exploring new places and enjoy investigating familiar ones to even greater depth. There are sights at the sites, good food… and bad, fascinating attractions and places to shop. Part of the fun of traveling is meeting the people who live and work in the various places. The personalities change according to the region and according to their role. Sometimes they are who they say they are. At other times they may have been playing a role for so long they’ve even forgotten who they truly are.

Just as the people I meet may be playing a role, I can be someone totally different than I am at home. I can be quiet or reserved, or loud and boisterous. Only my companions who come with me know that I’m acting as I usually do or am playing a new part in the drama of life. [/one_half]

[one_half_last]In my “usual” life I am a student of human nature. I help people discover who they would like to become from the options available to them. Each person has gifts and talents. How someone uses those gifts determines how the world sees them.
While traveling I’m an explorer. I’m investigating the wondrous land I’m seeing and the people who inhabit it. All the while I’m also exploring myself. What I like about what I’m visiting and the mysteries each place holds. Being a social person, I usually enjoy traveling with a friend or family member. (When with family I attempt to travel with the one’s who are also my friends.) Sometimes those I’m with enjoy what I’m enjoying. Other times not. That is part of the fun.

Enjoy the travel log. This is where my daily activities and ruminations will be. My impressions of food and attractions will be on relevant pages. Welcome to my musings. I hope you enjoy them.[/one_half_last]

In Sedona
Cathy Chapman

Oh, and I’m Cathy Chapman, therapist, writer, metaphysical teacher and explorer.

No, I didn’t photoshop the photo. I haven’t learned to do that yet!


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