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The link below takes you to one of the most beautiful places in Sedona AZ. Cathedral Rock, as do all of the Red Rocks, changes its mood and color according to the roaming of the sun and the temper of the weather. You can follow trails from different sides of this magnificent collection of beauty.

The page below takes you to the site of photographer Bojh Parker. You will be able to see his expertise compared to the simple photo I'll upload in my next post.

A Moment Preserved: CATHEDRAL ROCK, SEDONA AZ 2012

"2012 (7). ▽ July (3). BURNT FOREST NEAR GRAND CANYON AZ 2012 · CATHEDRAL ROCK, SEDONA AZ 2012 · WEEDS AND ROCK, SEDONA AZ 2012 ...amomentpreserved.blogspot.com/.../cathedral-rock-sedona-az-..."



Oak Creek runs along one side of Cathedral Rock. The water provides an opportunity to take photos of the reflection of the rocks in the water. You can, of course, simply sit and enjoy the beauty, allowing your soul to rest.

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