Ahh, what's out there in the world? This is why I travel, to find out what wonders are there I've never seen. Some of the wonders have been here for millions of years, others built by human hand. I'm interested in looking and absorbing the energy of nature.

I'm not an amusement park kind of person. I enjoy scenery, be it mountains, water or trees. I am also fascinated by art. I'm in continual amazement at what the human spirit can create using paints, wood, clay or scrap metal. One of my favorite

things to do in Sedona is go to Tlaquepaque Park and watch one of the artists sculpt.

There are wonderful art galleries filled with examples of tremendous creativity. Some of it I like. Some I wouldn't give another look once I leave. All of it is an example of the genius contained in the human race. By the way, I consider handmade jewelry in the art category.

Join me for my reflections on the various places and events I see and experience.